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Junior Tennis

World Class Coaching for Juniors

INTENSITY prides itself on running the very best tennis programs for all ages that provide a comprehensive development path from absolute beginner to regional, national and even international tournament players. So no matter what level you aspire to, INTENSITY has the programs, the coaching staff and the facilities to make it possible. Read More!

Junior Tennis Programs

Check out this YouTube video that illustrates the smaller court concept for Junior players.

Ryan Ginley, Senior Director High Performance and Player Development, one of New England's premier junior development coaches, leads his team of professionals including Kendra Becker, Pete Oman, Chris Mayotte, Luke Kantor, Joseph Oyebog, Nancy Lally, Joe Norton, Eric Njike, Nikola Milinkovic, Ernesto Faisal. The team is made complete with our Director of Tennis Fitness, Elisa Carvalho.